SmallEspresso™ Portable Espresso Coffee Maker

SmallEspresso™ Portable Espresso Coffee Maker

SmallEspresso™ Portable Espresso Coffee Maker

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Overall Weight
0.8 LBS / 360 GRAMS

A Portable Espresso Coffee Maker on the Go

Compact, lightweight, and easy to carry are the prominent identities of a mini coffee maker.A day well-spent hiking, traveling, or even staying under the sun, every experience triples with the ideal cup of coffee. You can quench the thirst for caffeine without running down to the street, all you need to do is get your hands on the latest, upgraded technology in coffee making. using this technological gadget will make your life easier, save lots of time and of course have the liberty of drinking coffee, anytime, anywhere.

Overall Length
6.89 IN / 175 MM

Coffee in the Making with Wacaco Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker

Fully packed, redefined features and capabilities of a Wacaco Nanopresso outshine those of its competitors for all the right reasons. 

SmallEspresso™ is indeed one of the best and versatile espresso machines you can carry with you at all times. The innovative and compact design makes up for an ideal functioning coffee maker. All you need to do is add small quantities of water and press the automatic piston for the brewing process to begin. This mini coffee maker works best with the ground coffee to produce the strong essence of caffeine.  Just a few pushes and you have extracted the concoction that is the richness and boldness of ground coffee in a cup.

Average Pressure
116 PSI / 8 BARS

Simple, Fast, and Easy to Use – The three Syllables of Modern Small Espresso Maker

Best Highlights of using Wacaco Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker

The strategy behind creating a functional mini espresso maker is simple – the art of convenience and accessibility at all times. Therefore you can enjoy the 
  • A one-cup reservoir to soothe the caffeine cravings
  • Brew either a cold coffee or hot, choice is impeccably yours to make 
  • Easy to clean, after sipping on divine goodness 
  • The affordability makes it a convenient choice 
  • Fast and freshly brewed coffee
  • Fits anywhere you want even inside a large pocket of your jacket

The Specifications of Mini Espresso Coffee Maker 

  • Material: Plastic 
  • Brand: Wacaco  
  • Color: Black 
  • Capacity: 80 mm

Power Range

The latest built-in design for this espresso maker is of 18 bars (261 PSI) with unparalleled coffee quality.

Pumping Energy 

The Mini Espresso Maker effectively works with the ground coffee to ensure to conserve as much energy as possible. Only 15% of the force to pump is required. 

Overall Length 

The ergonomic design makes it a compact and portable device, hence the most suitable travel companion with a length of 6.14in/ 15.6cm 


Compact at just 336 grams, Wacaco Nanopresso is engineered to be lightweight, destined to be reassuringly solid but not bulky despite the size. 

Water Tank Capacity 

It can hold up to 80ml of water and is protected by the removable cap.

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