How To Use Wacaco Nanopresso? User Guide 2020

Modern times call for modern measures, including innovation in the coffee maker. When your morning daily ritual starts with a dash of coffee it becomes compulsory for you to have an effective coffee remedy at hand. Forget about the bulky espresso machines that take a long time to brew coffee and require heavy maintenance.

Why not try cool coffee gadgets, easy to carry, and easy to clean? The Wacaco Nanopresso is a shortlisted item in your grocery shopping for today. But why would you get yourself a Wacaco Nanopresso? Well, the name says it all – the small size makes this coffee maker portable and easy to carry to your office, library, or even a picnic in the park. So if you are looking for a power coffee maker option then this small gadget contains enough pressure to make a strong cup of coffee right within 2 minutes!

What is a Wacaco Nanopresso?

A hand-powered substitute uses a piston pump to pressurize water to ground coffee. Well, to be honest, Wacaco Nanopresso is an ultimate solution for your coffee cravings wherever you are, no matter the time and day. So a portable coffee maker that can fit inside your bag or luggage is a perfect option, right?

Some of the additional features of Wacaco Nanopresso includes the 

  • Nescafe Nespresso pods 
  • Vacuum insulated reservoir  

This helps to prepare the brewed coffee in less time either you are traveling or even at a campfire. It works. 

Another feature that makes using a portable coffee maker more attractive is that it doesn't require electricity to operate. 

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Unboxing the Wacaco Nanopresso

Before you ask the question of how to use Wacaco Nanopresso, you need to have a brief detail about its packaging, it includes;

  • A built-in espresso cup 
  • Filter basket 
  • Measuring cup 
  • Brush 
  • Pouch 
  • Warranty card 
  • Stickers 
  • Multilingual instruction book (which is real handy)

The Designs and Distinguished Features 

This little fellow is sturdy and is made up of plastic and elastomer but it still is quite robust. The built is designed to give it endurance at the maximum pressure even at an elevated levels (temperature). 

The cup is easy to fit inside the filter basket and is further simplified when you use a customized measuring cup. The standard basket size for the model makes the ground tamping quite easier. 

The top half of the Nanopreso is reserved for the water reservoir while the bottom half makes the coffee. You can unscrew the mesh after 20 shots (which is pretty great for a portable coffee maker). The NS adapter that comes alongside matches the aesthetic design too.

So yes, it's a convenient tool you can use anytime you want. 

How to Use Wacaco Nanopresso?

Now that you are aware of the necessary details it's time to make some espresso!

Level one: The Brew 

The two basic ingredients you need for Wacaco Nanopresso need are

  • Hot water
  • Coffee grounds

However, it is recommended to use hot water while brewing minus the coffee. This preheating process is a good way to heat up the cup before the “actual brew” or you may discover on your first sip that the brew is too cold for your liking. 

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This could also result in a weaker brewed coffee. 

Level Two: Add Coffee Grounds

After preheating the Nanopresso, add 8g of ground coffee to the basket. You do not require to measure it separately as the coffee scoop is already customized accordingly (super great!). So once you have filled the scoop with finely ground coffee, just place the filter basket on the top of it and flip!

This way the ground coffee will fall directly into the basket without losing any ground coffee in the process. 

Level Three: Prep for Brew

Once the basket is filled with the ground coffee, cover the basket with a portafilter, place it on the Nanopresso (main body). 

Screw the nozzle (plastic + portafilter) with a firm hand, otherwise, the gadget won’t work and the ground coffee can spill too. 

Level Four: Prep the Water 

One thing you need to remember is to add boiling water to the water tank. If you add “warm” water or “room temperature” water the brew will be awfully stranded in taste. A Nanopresso holds 50-80 ml of water. You can use a lower range for a darker roast and use the upper range for lighter origin coffee.

After adding the boiling water, screw the top body tightly. 

Level Five: Press the Button 

So the first thing you need to do is make sure both halves of the espresso body are locked tightly. Then unlock the piston to pull the shot. This means that you need to turn the knob until the pump pops out from the main body. 

Press once per second. Count to 8 pumps and the espresso brewing will begin. You need to keep pumping until the brewer becomes empty. 

Level Six: Cleaning 

According to the use of Wacaco Nanopresso, you need to clean it properly. Read through the instruction manual. Disassemble the parts carefully, and rinse them with hot water after every 20th brew. 

Then every 6 months unscrew the main body for a deep cleaning ritual! That’s all about it. 

Things to remember 

Nanopresso is a hand-held coffee gadget specifically designed to ease your coffee cravings. It comes with a year’s warranty so you can return it in case it doesn’t work properly. It comes in a variety of colors so you can either choose the matte black one or bright orange, have your favorite pick. 

The use of Wacaco Nanopresso is easy. Although it really doesn’t win the heart as a certified Italian espresso it does the trick - making a delightful cup of coffee on the run!

Reading the manual first hand is a basic step you should not miss. For a caffeine frantic, a portable espresso maker is simply a haven. So what do you think, are you going to give this little trickster a try?

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