How To Clean An Espresso Machine?

Making coffee is a work of art – for an espresso machine. Coffee lovers have one major equipment installed in their kitchens, the espresso machine. Over time, like any other kitchen equipment, your espresso machine depreciates with time. But how would you know that? What if the coffee you make tastes funky and bitter all of a sudden? 

For an espresso machine to brew a fine cup of coffee, you need to clean it properly too. It’s time to give a little extra love to your coffee machine with a regular cleaning ritual. Not only the proper cleaning will do the trick of a better-tasting coffee but also maintain the freshness too. 

How to clean espresso machine for 3 different coffee makers

Okay, so every household must have a different model of the espresso machine. Some are keener on using a Breville Barista Express, which is a good choice. Some may be using the Delonghi coffee machine or even Mr. Coffee. Now if you happen to be using any of these three espresso makers then you need to make sure your cleaning method is relative to the coffee machine you use. 

Note: Every espresso machine has a different set of operations. You need to follow each step according to the given instruction for proper cleaning. 

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How to clean Breville espresso machine

A Breville espresso machine is an artisanal food form that brews a divine cup of coffee. there is a range of manual and automatic versions you can buy from the market.

When it’s time to clean the Breville Barista espresso machine (and other similar models of Breville) you should know this; the coffee flavor will drastically enhance.  When old coffee grounds and residue from the natural oils (in coffee beans) can build up like the silent taste killer. Perhaps, this is the reason behind that awful coffee you had a week ago. 

You can prevent experiencing a bitter cup of coffee just by following a deep cleaning ritual every month. 

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Step 1: Remove the filter and empty the grounds

Start the cleaning espresso machine ritual by removing the filter holder from the espresso machine after it’s done brewing. 

Empty the coffee grounds from the filter, rinse it with warm water to wash away the residue. Even after using the warm water the residue sticks on the filter then try using a nylon scrub brush. Use it gently.

Step 2: Brew plain water

This is the easiest part of the cleansing ritual. Once you empty the filter and filter holder, brew the plain tap water into the cup for at least 15 seconds. Once the water gets hot, dispose of it. 

Step 3: Froth enhancer rinsing 

Once you have brewed your coffee, pull the froth enhancer off the steam wand and rinse it right away with warm water. This will not let stick the residue on the insides. 

Step 4: Expel the milk

It is an important step to remember. Before you can start preparing for a new batch of coffee, first expel the milk. Breville espresso machine has a selector control. It allows you to steam milk for 2-3 seconds too. Blow any milk out of the wand. This will improve the coffee taste. 

Step 5: Steam wand cleansing 

Before you can start cleaning the steam wand, turn the selector control at “stand by”. Let the machine cool down before you can continue. You can use a pin attached with a cleaning tool to clean the steam wand. You can even twist it and take it off and clean it separately with warm water. 

Step 6: Drip tray cleansing 

The most underrated part of the espresso and yet the most functioning one is the drip tray. Being a silent player it is often ignored. So what you need to do is remove the drip tray from the bottom, and empty it into the sink (or bin). Wash it with dish soap and dry it before putting it back into the machine. 

And don’t forget to wipe the Breville espresso machine from the outside too. 

How to clean Delonghi espresso machine

For an everyday barista experience, Delonghi is the favorite most choice for all the good reasons - a perfect espresso recipe. 

De’Longhi coffee machines are a good asset you need to invest into. However, it is equally important to take care of your coffee machine. The maintenance consists of 4 easy to follow steps;

Step 1: Start cleaning with the milk system 

The milk system is the main work body for Delonghi espresso machines. The milk residue left behind is the cause of nasty bacteria hidden from the naked eye. but how would you know it? When the milk system starts to have a foul smell, it's time to clean it up. you need to rinse the milk system after everyday use. this will not create any funky smell and no mold will form either. 

You will need the Delonghi milk cleaner 250ml to rinse it with warm water properly. 

Step 2: Brew cleaning 

While you need to clean the milk system after every brew, you will need to clean the brew group every week or fortnight at max. all you need to do is remove the brew group from the machine. place it under the faucet, but make sure water is lukewarm. Wash it with plain water only (no dish soap). Once you remove the brew cup, also clean the respective part of the machine to wipe away leftover coffee residue. You can even use a hand vacuum at low settings. 

Step 3: Water filter replacement 

Like any other water filter, a coffee machine’s water filter needs replacing with time too. Limescale can easily clog the pipes and thus the risk of espresso machine malfunctioning increases. If you don't want to take the risk with your daily dose of coffee, then it's important to replace a water filter in the water tank of the espresso machine. This will help to sustain better functioning, cleaning, and of course a better-tasting coffee. The use of a water filter will remove any impurities and also prevent the limescale too. 

Step 4: Pipes descaling 

Using a water filter is important to prevent the limescale from clogging the pipes, the next step is to descale the coffee machine too. you need to take this step because the water filter works 99% at most. it doesn't stop limescale at all times either. 

But the good news is that you don't have to descale every other day - you can do it every 3 months. For this purpose, you will require a Delonghi Descaler 500ml. 

Even a fully automatic espresso machine requires some love and nurturing from the coffee lover so make sure you give it much needed care. 

How to clean Mr coffee espresso machine - one of the best coffee makers in the house 

What is the easiest way to make a coffee? Perhaps using Mr. Coffee espresso machines is the answer you are looking for. Because it automatically tamps grounds, it produces a genuinely delicious cup of mocha or espresso shot you have been wanting all day long. So for a cafe-style coffee drink, Mr. Coffee is an ideal coffee maker. 

No matter how easy it might be to use Mr. Coffee espresso maker you still need to clean it in a series of calculated steps.

Step 1: Safely unplug

Start with turning off the power machine. It’s best to pull the plug.  it is important to remember the step as you can otherwise increase the chance of getting electrocuted or even cause damage to the espresso machine. 

Step 2: Clean the frothing tube 

Let the frothing tube cool down after the brew. Once the frothing has cooled, remove it and wipe it carefully with a damp / semi-damp cloth. You can use a wrench to unscrew the frothing aid and also clean the valve by using a needle or a toothpick. 

Step 3: Clean the carafe 

The major body parts of Mr. Coffee espresso machines consist of the carafe, carafe lid, filter, brew basket, and the drip tray. you can clean all of them in soapy water (if you don’t have a dishwasher). However, do not remove the reservoir cap. 

Step 4: Remove the reservoir cap 

Once the pressure from the brew basket is released, remove the reservoir cap. You can easily discard the remaining water by turning the appliance upside down over the sink. It’s best to empty the water reservoir after every brew so no leftover residue interferes with the coffee taste. 

Step 5: soft cleaning 

Once you are done with the interior parts, also clean the main coffee maker body. It’s best to use soft wet cloth instead of any abrasive cleaner or scouring pads that can easily scratch the surface. 

Step 6: Delime the water reservoir

The best way to get rid of the stubborn residue leftover is to use lime and vinegar infused water. allow the appliance to sit overnight with the vinegar infused water. The next morning, discard the vinegar through the reservoir of the machine. then rinse the water reservoir with tap water. 

Penny for Cleaning

Take good care of your espresso machine if you want to keep experiencing a good shot of espresso anytime on any day you want. so never say never to the cleaning ritual. Let’s have a good cup of coffee shall we?

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